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Werner Nefdt is an eye care professional specializing in vision development, also known as behavioural optometry. With a passion for unlocking human potential, he focuses on treating vision-related learning disorders and often-overlooked visual challenges. Werner's holistic approach goes beyond traditional eye care, ensuring individuals of all ages preserve and enhance their visual abilities. He believes that a well-functioning visual system is the key to overall excellence and aims to empower people to thrive in all aspects of life, preparing them for an ever-changing world.

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Next level care for your eyes

Werner Nefdt and his team of professionals offer the latest in vision development services, combining cutting-edge techniques with a heartfelt commitment to nurturing exceptional individuals and optimizing their visual abilities for a brighter future.

School Vision Screenings

Developmental school vision screening benefits children by detecting visual issues early, improving learning and comfort. Teachers benefit from identifying learning challenges and tailoring instruction. Parents gain awareness, early intervention, and collaboration with teachers.

Vision therapy

Our state-of-the-art vision therapy services provide advanced and effective treatment for individuals of all ages with visual challenges. From children to adults, our therapy programs utilize cutting-edge techniques and equipment to address a wide range of visual conditions and improve visual skills.

Paediatric Optometry

Based on age, we can perform a number of different eye tests on young children. These tests include: colour vision, learning disorders related to vision, coordination, image perception, eye focus and eye muscle control.

Glaucoma Testing

Protect your vision from damage caused by glaucoma with regular complete eye tests. A Comprehensive Glaucoma Exam includes the testing of 5 factors before making a diagnosis.

Visual Efficiency Evaluations

Our eye examinations go beyond clarity and eye health. We look at how your vision functions. This includes areas such as how your eyes track and work together and how your brain processes your vision. This allows for diagnosis and treatment of any problems and ways to improve your visual performance.

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

Vision is fundamentally a function of the brain. How we process depth, direction, speed, and colour contrast all comes down to how the brain interprets the information the eyes provide.

Digital Eye Tracking Evaluation

Offers objective assessment, identifies visual deficits, enables customized treatment plans, enhances sports performance rehabilitation aids, and supports research and development.

Visually Related Learning Disorders Evaluation & Analysis

VRLD evaluation identifies visual factors impacting learning, guides tailored interventions, improves learning outcomes, boosts self-confidence, facilitates collaboration, and supports early intervention.

Sports Vision evaluations

Offers several benefits to athletes seeking to enhance their performance. It involves a comprehensive assessment of visual skills and abilities crucial for optimal athletic performance.

Our Team

We like to think we've got something pretty special here at Kaleidovision - an energetic team committed to patient care and customer experience. We are focused on getting results and elevating our patient's life experience.

team member

Meet Xavier Neethling, a dedicated optics pro since 2007. Xavier loves interacting with people and tackling daily challenges. His passion for optics shines in his work, as he enjoys engaging with others and the mental stimulation it brings. Xavier thrives on problem-solving and pushing boundaries, always seeking growth and knowledge. But it's not all work for Xavier. He values human connection and believes in a balanced life. If you're looking for a passionate optics expert who excels in connecting with others and embraces intellectual challenges, reach out to Xavier Neethling today for a firsthand experience of their expertise.

Xavier Neethling
Practice Manager
team member

Hi there! I'm Zulfa Isaacs, a qualified optical dispenser and vision therapist passionate about patient care and personalised service. At Kaleidovision, I dedicate my skills to helping children achieve their visual goals and ensuring they receive the highest standard of care. I enjoy guiding patients through their vision therapy journey and dispensing spectacles and lenses to suit their needs. Passionate about making a positive impact, I strive to create a supportive and engaging environment for our patients, helping them see better and thrive visually.

Zulfa Isaacs
Optical dispenser and vision therapist

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